Nine key principles of successful social media management

If you are thinking about setting up your company on a social media network, there are a few things you need to consider before diving in head first. Whether your company is big or small, you must make sure your social media accounts are well resourced, consistent and engaging.

Here are my nine key principles for successful social media management:

  • Trust – select a trusted and responsible person to manage your company’s social networking. Social media is an extension of your branding and so the person selected to ensure its success, must be a trusted member of your team.
  • Resource – social media takes time and resources. Before any social media activity is approved, the level of resource required needs to be carefully considered.  Depending on the platforms you decide to use, you will need to put aside at least seven hours a week.
  • Credibility – transparency is a very important aspect of social media. Be sincere and genuine in all engagement.
  • Listen – social media allows you to get a snippet of what your stakeholders think and want. Take the time to hear what they have to say and make sure to let their voice influence the way you engage.
  • Consistency –Consistency is important in every aspect of social networking, from the length of time it takes to respond to questions, to the timing and regularity of posts, to your brand’s social media personality and voice.
  • Responsibility – When you are acting on behalf of an organisation you need to be careful and consistent with how you represent your company – take time and be thoughtful with every post, tweet, reply or response.
  • Reactive – Be ready to respond in a timely manner to questions, comments and complaints to avoid criticism. Have a plan in place to deal with a complaint or what you will do if a negative story goes viral.
  • Personality – social media is not like your typical written communications – it is more like a phone call, than a letter or an email. Be relaxed and have a fun or playful side, but never forget you are your brand’s ambassador.
  • Planning – plan content, plan for crisis, plan for resourcing, and plan your time wisely.


Rebecca Kinraid