Tweeting and Twits

Social media is no longer a potential channel for businesses and organisations wanting to engage meaningfully with stakeholders. It must be a part of your armoury. But that’s not to say that you should use every social media channel available, or that each of those channels is right for you and your business.

Over the last six months we’ve all seen the power of social media to build up and to tear down, to demonstrate dignity and to highlight stupidity. This week Barack Obama with one simple tweet achieved the second highest retweet of a post ever. And it was a post that was simple in its structure but powerful in its message. By the same token Donald Trump seems to be using Twitter to single handedly bring his own regime down.

So what does this tell us? It says don’t underestimate the power of social media, use the right social media for you and your purpose and that great social media is not an off the cuff, slam it out mode of communication. It takes thought and expertise to use it properly, to pick the right channel and to craft the right messages.

We love working with clients who get that and who partner with us to help create social media that delivers for them and their brand. We work with small organisations and multinationals to deliver the right results. And we know the best channels to use to achieve the right results and avoid those covfefe moments.

PS If you haven’t looked it up yet don’t bother – covfefe is a “fake word” as far as I can tell!